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:bulletpink: Real BOTDF Fans know what BOTDF means
:bulletpurple: Real BOTDF Fans know that Jayy is Gay and Dahvie is Bi
:bulletred: Real BOTDF Fans have seen them in person or at a concert
:bulletblue: Real BOTDF Fans listen to them everyday
:bulletgreen: Real BOTDF know every single one of there songs
:bulletyellow: Real BOTDF Fans are part of the S.G.T.C ( Slash Gash Terror Crew )
:bulletorange: Real BOTDF Fans have drawn Dahvie and Jayy
:bulletblack: :finger: FUCK YOU GARRET!!!!!!
1. Don't believe the rumors about Dahvie and Jessi. (i know she lied)
2. Have listened to their music at least a full 24 hours. (i went 76 hours listening to botdf)
3. Love their music (uh, DUH!!!)
4. Sing ' I Heart Hello Kitty' outloud and don't care who hears. (lol...yea)
5. Know who popped Jayy's balloon. (i think i know who did it...)
6. Have gotten a cavity from eating to many watermelon blow pops. (my dentist sees me occasionally due to watermelon blow-pop related cavities. XD)
8. Have more than one BOTDF accessorie. -shirts, bracelets, necklaces.- (I made a couple bracelets and a necklace :D)
9. Laugh at Jayy's adorable laugh. (its soooo cute!)
10. Have attempted to fire hoop. (not quite...)
12. Was so caught up with reading these and laughing that you didn't notice there wasn't a number 11. ha you dun goofed!!! (yup. i dun goofed!)
13. Laughing at yourself for missing it and blaming the strawberry's decieving wrapper. (DAMN YOU STRAWBERRY, YOU PINK DECIEVING WRAPPER!!! see? told you.)
14. When people ask who you are you say, "IMA MONSTER!" (lol)
15. When something goes wrong you yell,"DAMMIT DAHVIE!," or "DAMMIT JAYY!!!" (i say either "i dun goofed" or "WHY, DAHVIE, WHY?!?!?!")
16. Still laugh about the turkey high five Rusty gave you. (long story)
17. Is mad that Garret betrayed Dahvie.
18. Follow them on Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook.
19. Have their songs as a ringtone.
20. Have cosplayed them or attempted their makeup. (im cosplaying dahvie for halloween!)
21. Worn the "Dahvie Marks" outside of the house.(not yet)
22. Thinks Dahvie's Hair is AMAZING!!! (His hair is sooo sexy!)
23. Fight with non BOTDF fans (all the time!)
24. Watch the fan videos constantly. (24/7)
25. Went to a concert. (not yet, hopin to see them on warped tour 2012)
26. Sing along with everyword. (pretty much)
27. Doesn't care about Jayy's sexuality. (should i care?)
28. Would die if they saw them kiss on stage (lol id totally die)
29. Have screamed for Dahvie's ice cream and haven't been heard. (too many times to count)
30. Have referred to yourself as a diamond in a rhinestone world. (not really)
31. Fell in love with Dahvie's hair. (his hair hasn't returned any of my calls! why???)
32.Created a plan to send 20 bags of watermelon blowpops to Jayy, and 20 cases of Monster to Dahvie. (YES! i call it "OPERATION: GET FUCKED UP 2")
33. Gotten others addicted to BOTDF. (im workin on it!)
34. Have actually thought about kidnapping them. (many times)
35.Have been told by others that your obsessed and blame it on Dahvie's hair. (no...but...)
36. Know all the words to at least 6 of their songs (YES!!!)
37.Quote them in facebook status and picture edits (too many times to count)
38.Are jealous of Dahvie and Jayy's hair (their hair is sooo amazing)
39. End up gettin psp taken away and having the teacher turn it on and have Scream For My Ice Cream full blast in Religion class.
40. Cried when Jayy and his fiance Daniel broke up.
41. Keep a Picture of them in your pocket, purse, or locker.
42. Most of the things on your Christmas list is from their site.
42. Wondered what Jayy was typing in the Believe music video.
43. Feel bad that Jayy's engagement ring almost got stolen.
44. Know their birthday's and actually celebrated it.
45. You're listening to them right now. (yes: im listenin to IMA MONSTER as i type! XD)
46. Their songs are on the Top 25 Most Played on your I-Pod (i dont own a iPod...but two entire playlists on my mp3 player AND iTunes account are devoted to them!)
47. Made A SGTC Club Member Card. (i hope to...)
48. Have Gotten a teacher to sing along to the lyrics. (that would be awkward...)
49. Yell at people who say it sounds like their saying,"At the bus stop," in Lovestruck.
50. Say, "Ya Dun Goofed!!!" to anyone that screws up. (lol...yes....)
51. Buy a pair of contacts from the brand they use. (what brand do they use??? tell me!!!)
52. Constantly say,"There will be blood!" when something awesome will happen.
53. You find yourself humming,'It's On Like Donkey Kong,' during a test, and end up getting accused of cheating.
54. Know what 'Dayy' is. >///<"
55. End up drawing them, along with Iggy and Jiggy Boo, on your math notes next to graphing diagrams.
56. Draw BOTDF related things on the back of a test only when the test comes back graded, you not only get an 'A' but get, 'You are a great artist. Keep up the good work. ' On the back. (lol...this has happened to me a few times!!!)
57. Rub it in people's faces that Dahvie and Jayy will always be better then them. (yes)
58. Still love BOTDF even after Jeffree Star flipped out at them over twitter. (he did what???? AW HELL NO...i will always be a loyal sgtc member!!!)
59. Fought for Dahvie on social networking sites over the alledged Jessi Slaughter issue till 4:30 in the morning for days on end, and taking shifts to battle. (YES!!!!!!!!!)
60. Cover your bedroom in Hello Kitty like their place.
61. Randomly quote when talking or sing it in class by teachers for funn
62. Have named a bee 'Frederick Fuckinstein'
63. Want an oreo cake for your birthday like Dahvie.
64. Use the Hokey Smokey voice when you get bored. (ha ha go Jayy!!!)
65. Use the Dahvie smiley a lot! :") (lol...i made my own!)
66. Yell at the hyenas at the zoo, telling them,"Wake the fuck up!"
67. When you are about to do something awesome, you say,"Let the party begin!!!"
68. You almost never take off your BOTDF braclets. (yes...)
69. Wish that Dahvie and Jayy would become a couple (or maybe that's just me XD)
70. Made a "YA DUN GOOFED!" video like they did.
71. Wished you could sing Sluts Get Guts on stage with them
72. Accidently played Innocent High in class, only to have the kid behind you get blamed for it.( a previous journal of mine to see how it went down for me)
73. Randomly start raving to BOTDF at a youth group. (someone actually started raving with me!!!)
74. Wished the song An Epic of Epicness was longer.(i know, right?? only 45 secs? why????)
75. Relate BOTDF to anything you're talking about. (YES)
76. Went to Build A Bear, bought a hello kitty (bear cat thing) and named it VanRoe <3
77. Read VanRoe or Dayy in class on your phone.
78. Belong to DAYY and BOTDF groups.(i own four!!!)
79. Wore your hair like Dahvie, and talk about him so much in class that the teacher actually said your hair like Dahvie. (yes! i posted a pic!!)
80. Wish that they were coming to Warped Tour 2012 (That would be my whole reason for going to warped! to see botdf! )
81. Have asked your parents to get a car like they have.
82. Have named the family car 'Burnt Marshmellow' even if it isnt dark.
83. Have drawn the same tattoo Dahvie has on his hand in sharpie on your hand.
84. Giggle everytime you see a guy in your school that closely resembles Jayy.
85. Refer to the person above as 'The Jayy Double Ganger'
86. Start ranting when they run out of their shirts at Hot Topic.
87. Get mad when you see their online store has run out of shirts everytime you try to buy one. Then get confused finding out that when asking other BOTDF fans about it, the same thing happened to them. (Who is buying all the shirts!?)
88. Have started brushing your teeth more and when you do, randomly yell,'ITSHA HOKEY SHMOKEY!!!!' to anyone in your house
89. Tried to stop listening to Death To Your Heart because it is one of the highest played on your I-Pod, but failed in attempt because the lyrics are so catchy. (yes! my mp3 player has even duplicated the file multiple times!)
90. You've read most of these thinking that you're obbsessed. (I AM!!)
91. Have made a 'WWDOJD?' bracelet. (What Would Dahvie Or Jayy Do? bracelet. I didnt make one, but i saw one and i just had to laugh.)
92. You have made your own txt icon for dahvie vanity. (girandstuff589 -me- added this. my dahvie icon is ^.^= )
93. Post This on their profile like the good little fans they are.

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We are 110% BOTDF Fans X3 <33333
#BOTDF-Fans <3333
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My Shinning Star
I slipped and fell into wonderland
Welcomed into this magic land
Caught a glimpse of you, the magic man
My broken heart that you mend
You became my one and only friend
Promise me you'll be there until the very end
Because I love you so
So please don't say no
And say you promise to never let me go
Your song melodies stuck in my head
Remembering all the wonderful things you've said
Now all my suffering has come to an end
Your music became my best friend
Singing songs from your heart
It's what saved me from falling apart
Love is all we need is what you taught me
I was blinded by hate to see
The truth of what love is truly like
In my dreams, you held me in your arms
Protected me from all kinds of harms
We shared the pain living inside of me
You opened my eyes to see
Unlocked the beauty inside of me
Awake in life, you brought me sunlight
And everything you say is always right
Saying things I need to hear
You'll always be there
No matter how far you are
You will always be my shinning star
:iconlovelywatermoon:lovelywatermoon 19 11
My Hero
You cured the pain inside of me
You wiped away my tears
You opened my eyes to see
That there's nothing left to fear
You sang songs directly from your heart
Bringing peace, love, and joy to all
It's what saved me from falling apart
Because you catch me before I fall
You inspire me to never give up on my dream
You tell me to keep on believing
No matter how hard it may seem
     And because of this
You're the reason why I keep on breathing
:iconlovelywatermoon:lovelywatermoon 45 20
.:P.L.U.R.:. by KymmieCup .:P.L.U.R.:. :iconkymmiecup:KymmieCup 58 31 .:Slash.Gash.Domination:. by mako--eyes .:Slash.Gash.Domination:. :iconmako--eyes:mako--eyes 68 22 BOTDF Frankestein and the Bride front shirt by emo-neko-meli BOTDF Frankestein and the Bride front shirt :iconemo-neko-meli:emo-neko-meli 18 2 Dahvie and Jayy hug by youdonegoofed Dahvie and Jayy hug :iconyoudonegoofed:youdonegoofed 54 7 Icky Boo BOTDF by Crazy4SasuNaru Icky Boo BOTDF :iconcrazy4sasunaru:Crazy4SasuNaru 77 41 BOTDF Shoes by SethImmortal BOTDF Shoes :iconsethimmortal:SethImmortal 30 17
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Make Your Move :iconcrimsonfirefox:crimsonfirefox 63 107
BOTDF by OneFunRobot BOTDF :icononefunrobot:OneFunRobot 2 33 Candyland-BOTDF by XxsilvixX Candyland-BOTDF :iconxxsilvixx:XxsilvixX 146 25
For The Fans...? chapter 10
Dahvie smiled blushing slowly wrapping his arms around his neck. Aly smiled and leaned against the wall watching she pulled our her phone and took pictures. Sally smiled looking at them. Once air be came a necessity they pulled away to breath. Dahvie looked at Jayy blushing and pulled away  running to his bunk. Jayy stood there is complete shock then hurt.
Aly walked over to him and hugged him "Don't worry he isn't used to this." she whispered. "I'll go talk to him ok?"
He nodded slowly as he hugged her back.  He was crying softly.
"Jayy don't cry its ok I know he likes you I promise."
Aly smiled and kissed his cheek before pulling away. She walked back to Dahvie's bunk and climbed up next to him he had just pulled off his pants. He looked at her and blushed.
"A-A-Aly  wh-wh-what are y-you d-doing ?" he asked
"I need to talk to you… about Jayy."
"What about him?" he asked nervously looking at her.
:iconalysonrose:AlysonRose 14 2
My Fav Artists by xKamikazeCorex My Fav Artists :iconxkamikazecorex:xKamikazeCorex 43 19 Dahvie and Jayy by RavenVonRiot Dahvie and Jayy :iconravenvonriot:RavenVonRiot 76 8
Sorry everybody, I haven't been on a long time! Im Back now! Now my children, if you any questions to ask me....... feel free! :iconimissuplz: :iconrainbowllamaplz:
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